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Implant Restoration

Implant Restoration

£ 495
  • Accelerated Online Course
  • Suitable for dentists and dental students

Online Implant Restoration

Be more involved with your patient’s overall care. Learn to work alongside surgical dentists to replace teeth with our Gold standard tooth replacement method. This short course will guide you through the nomenclature, brand information and a step-by-step process of restoring an implant. At the end, you can restore your first case with confidence, with the safety of having us as a mentor following completion.
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Course Overview

  1. Componentry
  2. Implant Principles
  3. Implant Systems
  4. Posteriors
  5. Operative Steps
  6. Anteriors & Full Arches
  7. Maintenance
  8. Finding your implant dentist


  • Review the components within implant restoration
  • Review the principles of implant placement and design through the years
  • Compare the three methods of retention
  • Contrast the various major implant systems and their prosthetic differences
  • Be aware of the methods available to manage soft tissue aesthetics in anterior implants
  • Know the techniques available to restore single tooth posterior implants
  • Review how to find and work with an implantologist

Let's go!

Dental schools have a challenging task to take young adults to safe clinicians within five years. Some topics are simply not within the scope of handling primary disease. Implant restoration, occlusion and photography seem to be those subjects.

No one can guarantee you are ready for anything in dentistry! But, this course will give you the tools, resources and knowledge to approach implants with a new confidence to attempt your first restoration.

You will be supported by having direct contact to the course leader and the associated dental clinic. Implants are a rapidly developing field, and by being partnered with like-minded, supportive clinics will assist you with any implant-restorative situation you come across.

Yes, but you will need to notify them. You and your implant surgeon will hold vicarious responsibly for each other’s work, so select carefully.