Restorative Interface

Photography Crash Course

Photography Crash Course

£ 245
  • Short Course
  • Suitable for all clinicians
  • Equipment and Case Series
  • Shade Matching
  • 2 hours CPD

Course Overview

  1. Indications
  2. Equipment
  3. Settings
  4. Series
  5. Artistic
  6. Organisation
  7. Shade Matching
  8. Walkthrough


  • Components of a digital camera setup and the differences across the major brands
  • Understand how to record shade
  • Understand how to depict shade
  • Understand the interaction between shutter speed, ISO and aperture
  • Appreciate the clinical techniques for comfortable clinical photography
  • Be able to take a consistent set of clinical images
  • Be able to systematically and securely store the images for the long-term
Having a camera is great, but unfortunately many are not able to make the most of it or understand photography. A short course like this will clarify one of the basic skills we need coming out of dental school or taking further restorative dental training.
Almost all specialist medical/dental information is now accessible online, you are correct! The issue arises in knowing what is applicable to you in dental practice and observing the dynamic movements in taking photos within a clinical area. This can’t be found online and this is where an online or practical photography course sets itself apart.
Ideally, this course is suited to those with cameras, so the lessons can be implemented at the same time. Much of practical photography will be with you and your live patients, not in practical courses. We propose you try all the methods taught within the course to accelerate your learning.
You can, and camera phones are becoming more sophisticated year on year. That being said, there are limitations with consistency as the phone osftware changes the shooting parameters to show the best looking image, this is not what we requrie for clinical photos. Secondly, the